Reebok X


In support of a Reebok initiative to boost sales and drive brand affinity with female Hispanic consumers, Tiny Beast partnered with Bella Dona, a local  Hispanic- and female-owned fashion brand that has successfully tapped built trust with the target segment as an authentic voice for the culture.


Reebok came to Tiny Beast for more than just a desire to sell more shoes. They brand shares our belief in elevating underrepresented communities. By partnering with Bella Dona, we gave Reebok the opportunity to create a community event voiced by authentic cultural leaders who have established trust and partnership with consumers in the market over several years.


We created a LatinX-themed experience at a Footaction store to reach Reebok’s target market. The three-day pop-up event featured  multiple touchpoints celebrating local artists, networking, exclusive Bella Dona merchandise, and a women’s entrepreneurship panel hosted by the owners - all centered around Reebok’s hero product line and exclusive customization.