Nike X Foot Locker

All For 1

Nike and Foot Locker partnered to create the ALL FOR ONE Urban Garden Tour in Los Angeles to highlight the new Nike Air Force 1 GORE-TEX all-weather shoe. Tiny Beast engaged local non-profits to launch 3 events in underserved communities throughout LA to give local residents an inclusive all-access experience including music, classes about urban farming, free branded giveaways, photo ops, and a raffle to win their own free pair of Nike Air Force 1 GORE-TEX shoes. Each event was host to local influencers as well, who created content in  about the importance of urban gardening and sustainability in their communities.



Campaign key art and creative assets were produced to tie the all-weather Air Force 1 GORE-TEX to outdoor living and nature-focused urban gardening. The marriage of product with social cause was key to a seamless and authentic consumer experience, and the rugged features of the AF1 GORE-TEX were a perfect fit to support community engagement and sustainability awareness. 

Experiential with a Purpose

The All For One Urban Gardening Tour partnered with local non-profit, L.A. Community Garden Council, to bring outdoor community experiences and sustainability education to urban centers in East L.A., Long Beach, and Leimert Park. Events also included live music, photo ops, refreshments, branded premiums, and gardening accessories like aprons, seed paper, and seedlings in branded pots.


Tiny Beast leveraged each campaign event and influencer partnership to produce branded vignettes that seamlessly merged brand messaging with relatable conversations about healthy living and urban lifestyle. The visuals of the content incorporate L.A. urban landscapes, street fashion, nature, community engagement, and product integration. This allows the content to drive brand affinity with authentic storytelling that is true to the campaign’s cause, giving consumers a breath of fresh air in the branded digital content ecosystem.

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